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Desecration -- Hadley Holt Desecration, Book One of the Wizard Queen at Sixteen Series

Invidious -- Hadley Holt Book One of the Warrior Queen at Seventeen Series

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Enmity, Book Two of the Warrior Queen at Seventeen Series


Book Two of the Warrior Queen at Seventeen Series

It sucks being a Warrior Queen! Evil sorcerers, hell hounds, and other horrible things want Morgan O’Connell dead and they are doing their best to make that happen.

As a prep school student and a former pacifist, Morgan has accepted that she’s the reincarnation of the infamous Morrigan, the warrior queen of Irish legend. She’s even completed her warrior queen triad which includes the most stuck-up girl at an über-snobby school.

She must be on guard 24-7 because the ancient enemies of the warrior queen triad, the Fomorian sorcerers, are walking around disguised as students.

As if that isn’t enough for a teenage girl to deal with, Morgan has to tackle boyfriend issues . . . oh, and expose her enemies in order to prevent the coming apocalypse.



Coming soon, please check back.

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