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Desecration -- Hadley Holt Desecration, Book One of the Wizard Queen at Sixteen Series

Invidious -- Hadley Holt Book One of the Warrior Queen at Seventeen Series

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Invidious -- Hadley Holt


Book One of the Warrior Queen at Seventeen Series

Peace-loving and sworn pacifist, Morgan O’Connell, wakes up on her seventeenth birthday to find out she’s the reincarnation of legendary Irish warrior queen, Morrigan. If she doesn’t learn to fight back, it won’t only be her life on the line; it will mean an apocalypse reigning down on all humankind.

It was bad enough that Morgan was the new kid starting at a snooty prep school, but now she finds out she’s the high queen of the warrior queen triad, the Morrigna. She’s got to deal with finding and recruiting the other two warrior queens so together they can save the world.

Catapulted from everyday high school FOMO issues into a hidden and dangerous mystical world, Morgan soon realizes that no one and nothing is what it seems. She finds herself the recipient of attention and even flirtation from a popular football player and an annoyingly fascinating geek. But one of these hotties might actually be the ancient enemy of the warrior queen triad whose endgame is Morgan’s death.


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