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I love music! In fact, I love it so much that if a favorite song is playing, it pulls me into the song and I can’t write anything. While I write, I have to listen to instrumental music which is often Celtic or soft classical music. My DESECRATION Spotify Playlist is filled with songs that make me think of the characters in the book (mostly my main character, Addie).

Morning – by Beck: “Woke Up This Morning…” This song makes me think of Addie from a conceptual standpoint of “I woke up this morning…” and things are different than they used to be. The song is more about a change in a relationship, but it makes me think about how Addie wakes up to a day that changes her life forever. She can’t ever go back to the way her life was before.

Dark Horse – Katy Perry: “So you want to play with magicBoy, you should know what you’re falling for…coming at you like a dark horse…are you ready for a perfect storm… once your mine, there’s no going back…”  “Play with magic” reminds me of Addie finding her magic and then, “are you ready for a perfect storm” reminds me of the big trouble coming at Addie.

Counting Stars – One Republic: “Lately I’ve been losing sleep…dreaming about the things that we could be…I’ve been praying hard- we’ll be counting stars…Young but not that bold - Just doing what we’re told…I feel something so wrong doing the right thing…” Addie has always done what she’s been told to do, but she finds out that it isn’t the right thing anymore.

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons “Waking up…breaking in and shaking up…this is it – the apocalypse…welcome to the new age…it’s a revolution…” In the end, Addie is the coming revolution.

New Soul – Yael Naim: “I’m a new soul – I came to this strange world… find myself making every possible mistake.” Addie finds herself in a strange world and she makes a lot of mistakes along the way.

Secrets – One Republic: “I need another story…tell me what you want from me…I’m telling you all my secrets…” Addie believes she would have been happy with the status quo, and the changes in her life create a lot of secrets, dangerous secrets…

Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s: “What’s it like in New York City…don’t you worry about the distance…I’m not there…oh, it’s what you do to me…I know that times are getting hard…” Addie has to go off to New York City and she leaves Rory behind and wonders if he’ll ever care about her again. Things are definitely getting really hard.

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane: “I walked an empty land…I felt the earth beneath my feet…I need something to rely on…tell me when you’re going to let me in…why don’t we go - somewhere only we know…” Addie has her own place in the orchard where she goes to be with Rory and her best friends.

You and Me – Elizabeth & the Catapults: “Just look at me…I’m broken-hearted for you…I don’t care what anyone else believes- I only care about you and me…” Sometimes, it comes down to just Addie and Rory.

Time (We All Fall Down) – Elizabeth & the Catapults: “Time will bring you back to me…safe as one…safe in love…take me to a wishing well…light within…in the end, we all fall down…” Addie and Rory are both broken-hearted and we hope they come back together. In the end, there’s a chance that they won’t be strong enough to fight the evil coming for them, they will…fall down.

Somebody Loved – The Weepies: “Stars turning high up above…you turned me into somebody loved…we danced together alone…we never said what we were dreaming…but you turned me into somebody loved…” This is one of my all-time favorite love songs. Don’t we all want someone to turn us into somebody loved? Addie does.

Mykonos – Fleet Foxes: “footsteps follow, down to the hollow sound, torn up…shadows of the mess you made…it ain’t often you’ll ever find a friend…” This song is mournful and bleak and how Addie feels alone in those darkest moments.

What if You – Joshua Radin: “What if you could wish me away…what if you spoke those words today…I wonder if you’d miss me when I’m gone…For tonight, I’ll stay here with you…” This is about possibly losing someone, and Addie goes through this with Rory.

Rolling in the Deep – Adele “There’s a fire starting in my heart…finally I can see you crystal clear…don’t underestimate the things I will do…we almost had it all…we could have had it all – rolling in the deep…This feels like a fighting song to me. It makes me think about Addie getting mad enough to fight back.

Winter Song – Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson: “This is my winter song to you…the storm is coming soon…is love alive…” This is another dark song that is about whether or not love can survive the storm – and Addie is absolutely caught in a storm, literally and figuratively.

Ride – Cary Brothers: “You are everything I wanted…to take my hand tonight…if I told you the reasons why…would you leave your life and ride…” This song makes me think of Addie and Rory leaving everything behind to be there for each other and face incredible danger together.

Dream – Priscilla Ahn: “I was a little girl alone in my little world…I played pretend between the trees…and laughed in my pretty bed of green…I had a dream that I could fly…I had a dream…I asked God who I’m supposed to be…” This song has a lot of meaning for Addie. It reminds me of everything Addie thought her life would be and how her world came crashing down on top of her, and nothing was like it was supposed to be.

Little Wing – Christopher Young: This is a very pensive instrumental piece of music. It reminds me of dawn breaking slowly after a long dark night which feels right after the final climactic clash at the end of DESECRATION.


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